English - Language Arts
Our tutors will help students of any grade level in develop their skills in literacy, writing, and literary analysis. For high school students, our tutors will also help prepare students for the AP Literature or Language tests by practicing expository, analytical, and argumentative writing.

Science - Physics
Get homework help and study tips for the AP exam by reviewing difficult physics concepts such as vectors, refraction, and sound waves.

English - Essay Writing
Get help with composition skills and have your essays proofread by our tutors. Our online tutoring sessions will help you practice creative writing or personal essays for college applications or the SAT exams.

General - Economics
Receive tutoring in microeconomics or macroeconomics at the high school or college level. Feel free to ask for homework help or sample test questions.

Math - Algebra I
Learn basic Algebra I concepts such as introduction to variables, exponents, functions and inequalities.

Foreign Language - Chinese
Learn mandarin or cantonese with our fluent language tutors. If you need a conversation partner or help with a class these tutoring sessions will fill your needs.

Math - Geometry
Receive help calculating classic geometric concepts such as the area and volume of solids, distance and midpoints of coordinates, and the circumference and radii of circles.

Foreign Language - Spanish
Receive instruction for a spanish speaker at any level, including help with verb conjugations or Spanish literary analysis for advanced students studying for the AP exam.

Math - Algebra II
In this online tutoring course, you’ll receive help with word problems, systems of equations, and logarithms. Feel free to ask the tutor about any confusing concepts or homework problems.

Adobe Illustrator
Gain a core overview of Adobe Illustrator CS5 by learning vector artwork and creating graphics with these workshop sessions.

Prepare for the AP Statistics test and get help with difficult course concepts such as sampling and experimentation, statistical inference, and describing data patterns.

Adobe Photoshop
Learn Adobe Photoshop tips, tools, and tricks with these online tutorials. You can will learn to edit pictures, create gifs, and create web layouts.

Math - Calculus
Our tutors will provide calculus homework help and preparation for the AP exams at the introductory, AB, or BC levels. Our online classroom will help you review concepts or explain proofs and answers to practice exams.

Basic Web Programming
Learn the basics of web programming with an introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Science - Chemistry
Gain understanding with difficult chemistry concepts oxidation and reduction reactions, naming and writing chemical formulas of compounds, and stoichiometry.

Introduction to Databases
These online sessions will cover database design and the basics of database technology.

TutorBuddy is currently offering free group tutoring trial for students who enjoy studying in study groups. Our group tutoring sessions are facilitated by trained TutorBuddy tutors and offer a great way for students to gain knowledge and receive much-needed help from some of their peers.